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The orchestra's history reaches to the year 1928. Therefor it became already part of the regional tradition. At the same time it contains of the young musicians' freshness and enthusiasm. At present there are about 60 persons playing and dancing in the frame of the orchestra. Their average age is not higher than 16 years. The band has a very high level of musical and entertaining skills. This can be recognized at the different kinds of given concerts. The performances take place within the country and abroad – at international festivals of wind music (e.g. Danmark, Germany, Sweden, Italy. Lithuania), concerts and parades (e.g. France, Russia, Bulgaria) The youth can prove their musical and dancing skills during drill parades and processions.

The orchestra has a rich repertoire which live up the expectations of even the most demanding organizers and audience. The orchestra's ace – despite the youthfull enthusiasm and interesting program – are the woth seeing uniforms inspired by the Polish history and the aristocratic tradition. The out-standing sound, the interesting program and the highly ranged skills of our band guarantee an unforgettable experience. The orchestra Vivat! recorded two albums. One contains music pieces of the magnificient composer Frédéric Chopin. The second album is filled with most popular Polish Christmas carols.

 more about the orchestra: www.vivat-orkiestra.pl




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